Wednesday, 21 April 2010

PPD: Third Year Assistant Day 1

For this module we have been assigned a third year fashion student and we will be there assistant every wednesday for 5 weeks. i really enjoyed today as it was interesting to find out what goes into their degree show and how they have found the course so far. I was put with a student on pathway A which is the more promotional side of the course so i spent my day researching, printing and putting together the blank slides of a powerpoint. I found that i didn't have a lot contact with the actual fashion side of her project but i think this will hopefully change next week. I feel that my third year was quite organised and had lots of tasks for me to do which i think benefited me as i didn't want to feel like a spare part just hanging around.
Overall today was good but i would like to see a bit more of her actual research and design work to see how she works in the designing side of things.

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