Friday, 30 October 2009

Rachel Goodyear

This image is by Rachel Goodyear who studied at Leeds Met University. I really like her style as she works in the middle of the page which works really well as her images are usually quite small and very tonal which works well against the white of the rest of the page.
I really like this image as it is very poignant as the birds are tied together with red string but don't seem to be trying to get away. I can't work out exactly why i like this image but it has made me think about the fact that less is sometimes more and to think about where you start to draw an image on the page.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Monday, 19 October 2009

Make Do and Mend

I went to the M&S exhibition at the Centenary Gallery at Leeds University as I was researching Make Do and Mend at the time and thought Marks and Spencer was around when this scheme came in and it was helpful but it made me think more about old posters and I found a few at the exhibition then made my own which I was pleased with.

I was researching make do and mend for the poster project where we had to make a poster which had a 3D aspect which i found really hard and was happier with this poster than the one i created as my final piece although i really liked the text i used. i scanned in my tape measure in the shape of letters which gave a really good outcome although i think i could have been clearer with where the exhibition was going to be held.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Song Of The Day (1)

i am truly obsessed by this

band and especially the song "A Man From Argentina".

i really like these lyrics:

If I only could relax in this confusion,

and shake my hips to the revolution,

if I could be naive again

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Skeleton you are my friend, but you are made of bone

i found this image of a girl wearing a skeleton jumper which i think is amazing and it kind of reminded me of elsa schiaparelli who i looked at over the summer as she designed a dress which had raised up parts in the style of a skeleton and i really liked the ideaof doing something with a 3D relief feel. so i though about a jumper with spots that could be raised or cut out but in all different sizes.

Rebecca Wetzler

I found this designer called Rebecca Wetzler, who is an Australian illustrator, as i was looking through a book in urban outfitters which is generally a no go as i would spend far too much money but the books always draw me in.
so when i came home i looked up the book, which was called "Beauty in Bloom" that was all about make up, and i found her website and found she also did a lot of stronger drawings with harsh strokes of ink as well as the flowy and ink splattered images i had first loved. she uses these splashes of ink to create shapes which is really clever.

i decided to respond to her work but wanted to try out the stronger harsher stokes but i used biro on an image of me and my boyfriend at my party. i really liked the image as the shapes are really good with the bunny ears and the arms. i think it has worked well but looks better in real life as doesnt look so strong now it has been scanned in.

Friday, 9 October 2009

The Satorialist

London Aquarium

Over the summer I went to London Aquarium and found it so inspiring i loved the mixing of different colours and prints of spots and stripe.
My favourite fish was the clown trigger fish as they look like they have dressed up and i like the yellow saddle and the yellow lipstick.

I also liked the koran angel fish as i loved the swirly stripes and the strong blues and blacks. It also had spots just above its tail and below it.

i responded to both these fish by mixing up spots and stripes on a frame. i liked the idea of weaving spotty and striped material and the idea of cutting out different shapes and having a flowy feel to it.
i then drew some more garments on a body form to experiment with mixing spots and stripes i particularly like the jacket and shorts combo and i think the colours work really well.
i think that is why the other image doesn't work so well as it is in Biro and no colour so it doesn't have the same feel.