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Craft Package


Minimarket is a swedish clothing label designed by sisters Sofie, Pernilla and Jennifer Elvestedt. Minimarket has been a women's wear label since 2006. I feel that the spring summer 10 collection has a real equestrian vibe which comes strongly from the accessories but it also strong in the tailoring of the jackets and trousers.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Final Skirt

Interdisciplinary Evaluation

At first I found this module quite difficult as I didn’t feel really inspired and I felt like I had rushed my samples but after speaking to my tutors I starting exploring other options and starting to really think about my words with included encase, this enabled me to start experimenting with tracing paper and trapping words in it. I also used a wood print as I had visited the woods and taken pictures of trees. I did a drawing of some bark and this made me explore light within the tracing paper and i starting thinking about turning the tracing paper into cones which enabled me to create some interesting designs although my first prototype just didn’t work and was too decorated instead of using my sample to inspire me I had just put it on top of a skirt. Therefore I started exploring using the cone as the skirt and this created a lovely shape and I felt more inspired. I am really pleased with my skirt as I think it is quite contemporary at the same time having a classic shape underneath the cones at the front. I have really enjoyed making the craft package and came up with an idea quite quickly which I have used to make a necklace, badge, bag and label.

I feel I struggled at the beginning but as soon as I found a good sample I became much more focused. I feel i have designed in many different ways for example working on the stand, flat drawings and drawing on a template as well as collage. I think that working through collage has working really positively for me.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Experimenting For Final Skirt

I am working towards my final skirt now but am struggling to make the cones work on the front as they don't fit in so have been playing around with layer tracing paper and the print and words.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

PPD: Third Year Assistant Day 5

Today I visited town to collect ribbon to finish of her hangers and I did a few more bits and bobs like ironing and hand sewing finishings on. I felt more involved this week with the clothes side of it which was nice, but as it was hand in on the friday there was a lot to do and not enough time so i felt like i was rushing a lot. I think that this experience has been really interesting and has opened my eyes to what interning and work experience would be like but i have really enjoyed myself and my third year was really helpful when i asked her about her time at LCA.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Working Towards My Maxi Skirt

The sample that begun my ideas about light and using print encased in the tracing paper.
My drawing of wood print.
Collaging for design ideas.
Final Design.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tag Research

This was the research i did for my third year but will really help me to think about what i can do for my crafts package for my interdisciplinary module.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

PPD: Third Year Assistant Day 4

Today was a little bit more hectic as my third year was more stressed and getting more worried about everything to be done. So i felt more like a spare part but i was just sent on errands to get little things and do a little bit of research of crafts packages which helped me as i need to do that for my project too. I am still unsure about my pathway i am feeling like i am more likely to do pathway A which my third year does but i don't know if that is because i am with a pathway A student. i would be really interested in talking to a third year doing pathway B and i might ask my tutor if she could recommend someone to speak to. I also want to think of some questions to ask my third year as i feel when i get there on the day i don't think about what to ask and i might miss out on finding something important out.

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Karla Spetic

I absolutely love the different styles running through this collection and how it fits together so well i love that it includes knitwear and the cut out jacket shapes that are strong in spring summer 11 collections.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Spike Jonze - I'm Here

i watched this short film today and really enjoyed it although found it a little weird it was abut love and giving your life to someone.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

PPD: Third Year Assistant Day 3

Today we had a tutorial at the beginning of the day to talk about how we were finding being with our third year. I think the most beneficial thing has been seeing how the third years work and what pathway they are doing and discussing this with them. I do not know how i feel about pathways as i feel like i would like to do a lot more making and pattern cuttign because i feel like i really enjoy it and it is such a great feelign of achievment when you finish it but i dont know if this is my strength as i havent done a lot. However, i really like the idea of pathway A as making is less important and your designs and promotions seem to be more important. I feel like i might be swayed towards pathway A but i dont kow if thats because i'm scared of comitting myself to making which i may turn out to be not very good out or just weaker than the promoting and creative side. I think after completeing interdisciplinary i will have a better idea and especially after we have the talk on craft packages as i think it will be fun to makes lables and all the bits to go with it.
Another thing about pathway B that worries me as i really dont know what i want to be and coming out having done a lot of making i might not even want to do that. I think i do need to consider what are my strengths and weaknesses and i think doing my presentation for PPD will help.
As well as discussing the pros about working with a third year we also discussed cons, for example i have felt my third year has been very organised and sets my out things to do but it is msotly research and printing which is a ltitle dull but the biggest thing is i wanna be more helpful than that and maybe do something more creative. my third year is good for me as she has made me realise being organised is a good thing as she seems quite calm and had everything undercontrol (but this may not be how she is actually feeling).

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Elena Sofia Tini

i love her style of elongating everything

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