Monday, 30 November 2009

Marc Jacobs Lipstick Pen

My friend, Sophie, came up to visit me from London the other day and with her she bought
a present for me which turned out to be a Marc Jacobs pen it looks exactly like a bright red lipstick and its absolutely amazing.

Sunday, 29 November 2009


Today i decided to draw some images from some magazines. i really like both images and i enjoyed working with pencil as i hadn't used it tonally for ages.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Bring The Romance Back

There is something so lovely about Audrey Tautou and this just makes me feel
that this is how love should be, all about love at first sight. I also love the architecture
of the train station and the colours of the trains exterior and interior. I also love the
feeling of confinement when you sleep on a train but not in a claustrophobic way.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Final Thing

I am really pleased with my dress but it think my sewing could have been better as i fount it quite hard as we had to hand sew it but i really like the pleating down back as you could wear it back to front as well. I did find this project quite hard as i found focusing on two separate subject areas and then bringing it together quite difficult as if you focused on one side of research who kind of left the other side behind which means it wasn’t as thorough and maybe less developed. But other than that i found it really interesting and felt i have done really well.



Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Project

We were set a project and we had to choose a word or a phrase and an artist/designer. I chose tape and misshape and Alexandra Verschueren. When researching Alexandra Verschueren is a designer and a illustrator/graphic designer, I started exploring with origami as it is a type of paper folding which is what inspired Verschueren.

I particularly liked the cranes I made in graph paper. We then experimented with material on a stand which helped me consider scale as before I had just though about how it looked small and it helped me think about whether if I used origami they would all be the same size.

We then experimented with using images and placing them on a illustration of a person. These helped me consider shape and i continued to use this process throughout my project as it helped me process me ideas further. these are some examples below.

I found that the above image from isolated images looked particularly like Rob Resch’s work which then reminded me of triangles so i made mini paper triangles and put them on a drawing of a body and i really liked this so i decided to experiment with fabric triangles too.

For Tape and Misshape i started by looking at deformity as i wanted to explore natural misshapes and explore stranger shapes. i then looked at Bless which is a London based design studio formed in 2002 by Mary Lam and Dan Broad, who used different parts of clothing to make scarves. this is some of their work.

I then responded to it with this.

i decided to bring all my ideas together from both sides of research and came together with my final design which integrated the misshapeness off the shirt and the shoulders being exaggerated with the triangles running down the front of the dress.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Country Love

This is by Daniel Egneus and i absolutely love it. i don't know why but this kind of reminds me of everything i love about the countryside. i love the use of pencil and watercolours and the composition is what makes this image. i love the little ducks head as well.

Song of The Day (3)

this has to be one of my favourite
videos ever. i love the fact she is so eccentric
and it just makes me want to push myself further
and design things that are absurd.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Fleur van Maarschalkerwaart

I love this loose way of drawing and particularly like the image using thread as well. i think this style of drawing works well as two of the drawings are nude. but i like the middle image as well as i like that there is almost two images in it a face and a body.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Kat Macleod

I was in Urban outfitters today and i saw this book and had a skim through and absolutely loved the illustrations and i can't remember if i have blogged about her before but they are by Kat Macleod. I love the way she uses the fabric against the watercolours so it gives it so much texture. I like the idea of using the fabric you used in your designs/illustrations.
I also found this really cool little video of her at work.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Home Time

This weekend i went back home for my brothers birthday which really rejuvenated me and got me ready to crack on with this project. I am really excited about making something because i haven't in ages but scared we have to hand sew as i am rubbish at it. But i am enjoying the brief so far so i just hope i continue to like it.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


These are my photoshop images for my recent project where we have to experiment with all types of media. i am really pleased with my photoshopped images especially the last image which uses drawing and photo.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Satorialist

I found this image on the Satorialist and really liked the textures and colours he had found in this vintage shop he had visited. He was saying that he doesn't really like vintage shopping because he finds it too hard work but went into a vintage shop recently and it was all sorted and beautifully set out.I love the fact Vintage shops are so messy because when you find something after searching for ages you feel so great and feel like you have achieved something. i want to see if i can take some images like these in the Vintage shops around leeds but after going in one the other day where everything was basically on the floor i don't know if it will be possible.

These are some images i took.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


this image is by Francois Berthoud i really like the fact that he uses coloured paper and the way he controls the inks he uses as it is so delicate but at the same time has such strong lines. i also really like the use of white ink on top of the black ink it gives a really good positive and negative feel. this is my response i am not that fond of this image as i think it would have been better if i hadn't of inverted it on the computer and just done it on coloured paper. But i do like the way i have used the inks and they are used quite thickly and it creates a texture.
This image above is by Fabia Bercsek. I really like the fact it is black and white and the strength of the straight lines falling from the girls eyes makes her look like a superhero. I also like that there are only a few blocked in black areas instead of it being too busy. this is my response which i absolutely love it kind of reminds me of lady gaga. i really like the fact i styled up what the model was wearing as it gives a better look.
The image below is by Claire Anderson she uses thread on calico and i can't even imagine how long this would take as the detailing is just incredible especially on the patterns on the top. i also like the way she uses different ways of sewing to create different patterns or textures. i am pleased with my response to Claire Anderson but i could have gone into more detail but i did find it really hard as i was working on a small scale i found it too difficult to create a pattern.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

What I Saw Today - Richard Haine

Today i came across this blog called "What I saw today" which are made up of sketches of things that Haine's saw in his day and he does this instead of taking photographs which is so original and creative. He sketches in such a lovely scratchy and expressive way but with such detailing of tiny aspects of the persons oufit. he uses anything he can get his hands on to draw such as napkins and notebooks and even his iPhone scribble.
I am officially obsessed with his blog. I just love the way he uses the inks and then works over them.

And this is my response to his work which i am really pleased with and normally i find myself being slightly neater and more in control of the drawing but i really like this messy, throw away effect.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Out of Studio Work

The next one i used coloured pencil which i don't normally like but it worked really well for this as i decided not to block it all in and just use shading to create the shape of the jumper. i then photocopied it which gave it a different look perhaps more faded which worked really well. i also like the thick black line of tone on the right shoulder against the faded green.
The next task was to draw a friend so i chose my flat mate Katy and experimented quite a lot with different media especially in the image below where i used biro, marker and fine liner. i quite like the strength of this image but i do think the colours are a bit too strong and the lines of the lips are too dark.

I think my ink image of katy (above) is my favourite as it is quite loose and has more life to it than the other images. i also like using ink as you can't really control what the ink does and this gives a good feel to it as sometimes the mistakes are the best bits.
The drawing below is in biro which is my favourite media to use as you can create a really slick line instead of it being quite furry which can work in some image but i like how strong the biro is against the white page. i do like this image but i think i could have worked into it a little bit more and i might go back and see what i can do and add a little bit more tone on her face.