Saturday, 23 April 2011


this is my chosen trend for the new project it fits in perfectly although i am aware i seem to always pick dark colours and more neutral colours, so i would like to focus on the brighter colours maybe through linings and accents on the clothing.

Luxury takes on a brutal and sometimes delicate harmony, as we explore the dark, subterranean side of nature.

Foraged food, undergrowth, culled fur and genetically engineered plant hybrids combine with a neo-shamanic perspective and a mystical aura.

Craft a new luxury in parallel with nature.

Inspired by a neo-shamanic perspective, we combine sustainability with the mystical and hedonistic.

Foraged gastronomy, floral engineering and hylozoic design pioneer a new breed of products and services that capture the extremes and contradictions that are driving the season.

Inverted skyscrapers serve as living landfill to abandoned quarries.

Climatic interiors and sunken gardens harness the outdoors within domestic spaces.

Nose-to-tail theory extends beyond eating to inspire a modern brutal harmony.


An outlandish autumnal earthiness pervades with dark, swampy tones of ink and peat punctuated by fiery tones of deep red, ochre and burnt orange, offset by weathered natural mid-tones.

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