Monday, 6 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week

Laura Joyner, Westminster - Great mixture of fabrics - wool/latex, metalics.
Hannah Cumming, Edinburgh College of Art
Olivia Daniel, UWE Bristol
Rebecca Short, Birmingham Institute of Art & Design

After visiting GFW yesterday i am excited and scared for the next year. it is exciting as we will finally see our designs made up and finished but will i be able to get to this point without having a break down.
i thought GFW was really good and some uni's stuff was really good and others was really bad, so there was a feeling of im somewhere in the middle hopefully. after speaking to the third years at the show yesterday i really want to work on my illustrations as it is something i struggle with and i think it would help me for third year if ive found my style.
Looking at Leeds college of arts portfolios was really interesting and i though they were some of the best but looking through the yearbook i didnt think anything really stood out compared to other collections i had seen.

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