Monday, 7 December 2009

Owl Obsession

I first found my obsession with owls when searching for material on eBay that i could make some clothes out of as i have no money and feel whilst i have free time i should be doing something productive that doesn't involve spending obscene amounts of money. i found this material which i am going to make cushions out of for my cousins room. i thought this would be a good christmas present as it is personal and i have made an effort. i then thought about how beautiful the feathers are on owls how delicate and little they are compared to a bird they look more soft and downy. i also like the power that owls have; the wing span, the head turning, the amazing eyesight for hunting at nights and amazing hearing. i did this drawing which I'm also going to print on a t-shirt for my brother. i want to explore into owls more as i think they are an interesting animal and really inspire me.

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