Monday, 28 December 2009

Where The Wild Things Are

i went to see this film today and it was absolutely beautiful i loved the way it was shot but i found it very sad. i miss having such an imagination i wish i could dissapear and be happy to be on my own.
i am also absolutely obssessed with max's (the little boy in the film) outfit. i really want to make one. it just looked like the cosiest thing ever.
it may sound like a weird thing to say but i was also intrgiued by all the textures in this film and it made me really interested in wood. i loved the little wood mountains he made which were like twigs stacked up. also the feathers on the chicken/bird-like thing which is shown below are brilliant.

Also the soundtrack was absolutely brilliant and was done by Karen O and i adore it. it is almost childlike but so soft and beautiful and times.

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