Friday, 9 October 2009

London Aquarium

Over the summer I went to London Aquarium and found it so inspiring i loved the mixing of different colours and prints of spots and stripe.
My favourite fish was the clown trigger fish as they look like they have dressed up and i like the yellow saddle and the yellow lipstick.

I also liked the koran angel fish as i loved the swirly stripes and the strong blues and blacks. It also had spots just above its tail and below it.

i responded to both these fish by mixing up spots and stripes on a frame. i liked the idea of weaving spotty and striped material and the idea of cutting out different shapes and having a flowy feel to it.
i then drew some more garments on a body form to experiment with mixing spots and stripes i particularly like the jacket and shorts combo and i think the colours work really well.
i think that is why the other image doesn't work so well as it is in Biro and no colour so it doesn't have the same feel.

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