Sunday, 11 October 2009

Rebecca Wetzler

I found this designer called Rebecca Wetzler, who is an Australian illustrator, as i was looking through a book in urban outfitters which is generally a no go as i would spend far too much money but the books always draw me in.
so when i came home i looked up the book, which was called "Beauty in Bloom" that was all about make up, and i found her website and found she also did a lot of stronger drawings with harsh strokes of ink as well as the flowy and ink splattered images i had first loved. she uses these splashes of ink to create shapes which is really clever.

i decided to respond to her work but wanted to try out the stronger harsher stokes but i used biro on an image of me and my boyfriend at my party. i really liked the image as the shapes are really good with the bunny ears and the arms. i think it has worked well but looks better in real life as doesnt look so strong now it has been scanned in.

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