Friday, 21 May 2010

Interdisciplinary Evaluation

At first I found this module quite difficult as I didn’t feel really inspired and I felt like I had rushed my samples but after speaking to my tutors I starting exploring other options and starting to really think about my words with included encase, this enabled me to start experimenting with tracing paper and trapping words in it. I also used a wood print as I had visited the woods and taken pictures of trees. I did a drawing of some bark and this made me explore light within the tracing paper and i starting thinking about turning the tracing paper into cones which enabled me to create some interesting designs although my first prototype just didn’t work and was too decorated instead of using my sample to inspire me I had just put it on top of a skirt. Therefore I started exploring using the cone as the skirt and this created a lovely shape and I felt more inspired. I am really pleased with my skirt as I think it is quite contemporary at the same time having a classic shape underneath the cones at the front. I have really enjoyed making the craft package and came up with an idea quite quickly which I have used to make a necklace, badge, bag and label.

I feel I struggled at the beginning but as soon as I found a good sample I became much more focused. I feel i have designed in many different ways for example working on the stand, flat drawings and drawing on a template as well as collage. I think that working through collage has working really positively for me.

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