Wednesday, 5 May 2010

PPD: Third Year Assistant Day 3

Today we had a tutorial at the beginning of the day to talk about how we were finding being with our third year. I think the most beneficial thing has been seeing how the third years work and what pathway they are doing and discussing this with them. I do not know how i feel about pathways as i feel like i would like to do a lot more making and pattern cuttign because i feel like i really enjoy it and it is such a great feelign of achievment when you finish it but i dont know if this is my strength as i havent done a lot. However, i really like the idea of pathway A as making is less important and your designs and promotions seem to be more important. I feel like i might be swayed towards pathway A but i dont kow if thats because i'm scared of comitting myself to making which i may turn out to be not very good out or just weaker than the promoting and creative side. I think after completeing interdisciplinary i will have a better idea and especially after we have the talk on craft packages as i think it will be fun to makes lables and all the bits to go with it.
Another thing about pathway B that worries me as i really dont know what i want to be and coming out having done a lot of making i might not even want to do that. I think i do need to consider what are my strengths and weaknesses and i think doing my presentation for PPD will help.
As well as discussing the pros about working with a third year we also discussed cons, for example i have felt my third year has been very organised and sets my out things to do but it is msotly research and printing which is a ltitle dull but the biggest thing is i wanna be more helpful than that and maybe do something more creative. my third year is good for me as she has made me realise being organised is a good thing as she seems quite calm and had everything undercontrol (but this may not be how she is actually feeling).

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