Wednesday, 12 May 2010

PPD: Third Year Assistant Day 4

Today was a little bit more hectic as my third year was more stressed and getting more worried about everything to be done. So i felt more like a spare part but i was just sent on errands to get little things and do a little bit of research of crafts packages which helped me as i need to do that for my project too. I am still unsure about my pathway i am feeling like i am more likely to do pathway A which my third year does but i don't know if that is because i am with a pathway A student. i would be really interested in talking to a third year doing pathway B and i might ask my tutor if she could recommend someone to speak to. I also want to think of some questions to ask my third year as i feel when i get there on the day i don't think about what to ask and i might miss out on finding something important out.

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