Tuesday, 10 November 2009


this image is by Francois Berthoud i really like the fact that he uses coloured paper and the way he controls the inks he uses as it is so delicate but at the same time has such strong lines. i also really like the use of white ink on top of the black ink it gives a really good positive and negative feel. this is my response i am not that fond of this image as i think it would have been better if i hadn't of inverted it on the computer and just done it on coloured paper. But i do like the way i have used the inks and they are used quite thickly and it creates a texture.
This image above is by Fabia Bercsek. I really like the fact it is black and white and the strength of the straight lines falling from the girls eyes makes her look like a superhero. I also like that there are only a few blocked in black areas instead of it being too busy. this is my response which i absolutely love it kind of reminds me of lady gaga. i really like the fact i styled up what the model was wearing as it gives a better look.
The image below is by Claire Anderson she uses thread on calico and i can't even imagine how long this would take as the detailing is just incredible especially on the patterns on the top. i also like the way she uses different ways of sewing to create different patterns or textures. i am pleased with my response to Claire Anderson but i could have gone into more detail but i did find it really hard as i was working on a small scale i found it too difficult to create a pattern.

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