Saturday, 7 November 2009

Out of Studio Work

The next one i used coloured pencil which i don't normally like but it worked really well for this as i decided not to block it all in and just use shading to create the shape of the jumper. i then photocopied it which gave it a different look perhaps more faded which worked really well. i also like the thick black line of tone on the right shoulder against the faded green.
The next task was to draw a friend so i chose my flat mate Katy and experimented quite a lot with different media especially in the image below where i used biro, marker and fine liner. i quite like the strength of this image but i do think the colours are a bit too strong and the lines of the lips are too dark.

I think my ink image of katy (above) is my favourite as it is quite loose and has more life to it than the other images. i also like using ink as you can't really control what the ink does and this gives a good feel to it as sometimes the mistakes are the best bits.
The drawing below is in biro which is my favourite media to use as you can create a really slick line instead of it being quite furry which can work in some image but i like how strong the biro is against the white page. i do like this image but i think i could have worked into it a little bit more and i might go back and see what i can do and add a little bit more tone on her face.

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