Monday, 2 November 2009

Drawing Elective

i had my drawing elective last week which i found really hard as it was constant drawing for four days and you have to really focus but it was completely worth it as i produced a lot of good work but i don't know if it will help me with my fashion illustration as we were taught how to put everything into proportion but we don't do that with fashion illustration. i also found the drawing practices quite scientific and i prefer a more loose way of drawing.

This is the final drawing (above) we did on the first day which was free hand and was the one I was most pleased with especially the garment but the position and proportions of the life model were all wrong and I found it frustrating but I really liked my garment. I was surprised at how much work I had produced and was pleased with my progress in the day.

The next drawing (image below) we used scaffolding lines which just really confused even though we did them in different colours and we used the measuring thing we had done earlier. I was pleased with my drawing but it is not the best thing I've done but not the worst. I like the coloured lines coming off areas.

We were asked to draw boxes on the page (image below) and then draw steve on the page but only on the boxes. I found this hard because you are aware of stretching the image and it makes you really look at what you are drawing. I was pleased with my outcome although I wish I had had time to finish it.

This is a sustained drawing that we did on the second day (below) which I think may be one of the best drawings I have ever done. I really like it as it took me so long and I know that everything is in the right place and I like how much detail I have used. However, the one problem is that I dont think the life model looks like he is sat down he looks more propped up than seated in the chair which is frustrating. But I really like the textures I have created with fineliner and I think studying textures last week helped me a lot.

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