Thursday, 26 November 2009

New Project

We were set a project and we had to choose a word or a phrase and an artist/designer. I chose tape and misshape and Alexandra Verschueren. When researching Alexandra Verschueren is a designer and a illustrator/graphic designer, I started exploring with origami as it is a type of paper folding which is what inspired Verschueren.

I particularly liked the cranes I made in graph paper. We then experimented with material on a stand which helped me consider scale as before I had just though about how it looked small and it helped me think about whether if I used origami they would all be the same size.

We then experimented with using images and placing them on a illustration of a person. These helped me consider shape and i continued to use this process throughout my project as it helped me process me ideas further. these are some examples below.

I found that the above image from isolated images looked particularly like Rob Resch’s work which then reminded me of triangles so i made mini paper triangles and put them on a drawing of a body and i really liked this so i decided to experiment with fabric triangles too.

For Tape and Misshape i started by looking at deformity as i wanted to explore natural misshapes and explore stranger shapes. i then looked at Bless which is a London based design studio formed in 2002 by Mary Lam and Dan Broad, who used different parts of clothing to make scarves. this is some of their work.

I then responded to it with this.

i decided to bring all my ideas together from both sides of research and came together with my final design which integrated the misshapeness off the shirt and the shoulders being exaggerated with the triangles running down the front of the dress.

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